March 17, 2014


It's been a sloooow morning around here. With teddy bear toasts, gray skies and a bowl of strawberries and bananas spilled under the breakfast table.

We had a pretty chill weekend and while I can get down with lazy weekends here and there, this one found me in a funk. It didn't do much good to my head space and I feel like this Monday has started with our own personal cloud hanging out over us. So, I'm going to post some happy snapshots from our trip to the daffodil farm a few weeks ago and huddle down with my girl in her playroom for a bit. Here's hoping I can clear my head!

  photo IMG_2799EDIT_zps18d245f6.jpg
  photo IMG_2825EDIT_zpsc007137c.jpg
  photo IMG_2816EDIT_zps77178e8e.jpg
  photo IMG_2838EDIT_zps65cdc537.jpg

PS. I'm not opposed to anyone sending us a little bit of sunshine and happy "get things done" thoughts!


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