February 28, 2014


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Happy Friday, friends! It's been a productive day and my belly is happily full of stromboli that M cooked up for us.

This week was pretty ordinary.  There were a few cold days and a rainy one, but the weather has been pretty enough for flowers to start blooming! L learned how to slide down stairs in a sleeping bag. My back is healing. Better enough, at least, to get the house scrubbed clean and the laundry mountain knocked down to a small hill.

Lia's been saying the funniest/oddest things. Like, "you startled me papi". And, "I'm totally fine mom". Kids are the best!

And the highlight of the week... we told L that she could ride her tricycle in the house. It was a rainy night and we were trying to keep L out of the kitchen so we could clean. Now, she won't stop! We've got little tire tracks through the kitchen...

We're all excited for the weekend. L was invited to a birthday party and the daffodil fields finally opened and I can't wait to pick some fresh flowers for the house. Enjoy your weekend, xo!

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