February 13, 2014


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Four is a fickle stage for clothes around here. She's in between sizes in mostly everything and that leaves me scratching my head most mornings when it's time to get her dressed. I'm kind of ready for Summer just so we can fill her closet with soft dresses, easy basics and a pair of saltwater's.

A funny story about her New York shirt. She didn't like it in the store until we told her it said New York. She wanted it then and if you ask her now what her shirt says, she'll tell you "I love Abuela and Abuelo. And Beto.". Her paternal grandparents and one of her uncles.  From New York, of course!

Outfit details | coat and tee, Old Navy || cardigan, H&M || skirt, thrifted Baby Gap || tights, Baby Gap

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