February 27, 2014


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There's so many smart and funny and good things on the Internet. Here's just a few!

Not only do I think these hashtag skits are hilarious, L created a hashtag game from them! Basically, she'll just yell hashtag and call out anything she sees while we're driving. Like, hashtag red light! Or hashtag horse. And honestly, it beats trying to create new knock-knock jokes every day.

And speaking of funny things, Jimmy Fallon took over The Tonight Show last week. Have you guys been watching? We're big fans!

Loving this small bathroom! Our toilet is in a separate closet-sized room within our bathroom and I'm never sure what to do with it.

Homemade Kit-Kat bars!

Getting kids to talk at the dinner table. We struggle with getting L to talk about her day. Maybe this will help!

Some tips to care for houseplants.

Love the idea of this birthday list of sorts.

And, a treasure map would be so fun to add to L's dress-up collection.

Enjoy, xo!

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