February 11, 2014


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I didn't make any big goals this year because I knew I would stumble over them and feel badly about them. I do have small goals and ideas I want to try out and one of those is to take a family photo once every month.

We fit in this mini shoot on the last day of the month about 20 minutes before we were out the door to ballet. I balanced a lot of books on top of a bar stool in the backyard and we made it work! It definitely felt like the situation fit in with how our January had been going!

Do you share a similar idea? I love the Project 52 I've been working on and I'm excited to have a stack of family photos to look back on through the year.

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  1. Ahh, what a lovely photo. This was my exact same goal for last year; to take a monthly family portrait. And it was the best thing ever, I adore looking back on a year's worth of us as a family. And we're carrying on this year too, because it's kind of addictive once you get started.
    We run a little linky which opens on the last day of the month called Me and Mine, and it's lovely seeing everyone else's family photos from that month and it really spurs us on to keep going. x


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