January 31, 2014


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Having M home for a day and half in the middle of the week made this week so much sweeter. We didn't get any snow, only a few flurries mixed with ice and cold temperatures! Everything is clear now and life has resumed. Make-up ballet classes are on the calendar and a certain little girl is eager to get back to school!

And between handling another case of head lice that spread to me and my girl this time and all the cleaning involved there, we still had some fun moments. Nothing says romance like having your partner pick nits out of your hair, right?

But seriously...we watched movies in bed together, played with icicles, baked brownies and spent some time outside on the warmer days before the storm. And, we tackled every load of laundry. That's a pretty amazing feat around here lately.

We're heading to Ikea this weekend to pick out a big-girl bed for L. It's been a battle all week to decide which size bed to go with and these sheets I ordered may have been the deciding factor. I can't resist a black and white polka dot. We're going with a full size bed and keeping our fingers crossed it's the right choice!
My to-do list will most likely rule the rest of the weekend. I hope you enjoy yours, whatever you have planned, xo!


  1. I love the This and That on the drawer! & of course always reading your weekly posts and the perfect pictures you always post! Have a great weekend!

    1. I came across the drawer pulls in the clearance section of Anthropologie. I was thrilled that my husband like them too, ha! And thank you for the sweet compliment :) I've been trying to be more in the moment but also remember to capture the moments too. Hope you and Sophia are doing well, xo!


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