January 25, 2014


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The library had a better-than-thrift-store-prices kind of book sale today. It was the best $2 I've spent lately. I topped of my stack with a few other books I had on the holds shelf. Go big or go home, right?

Lia cut her hair at preschool this week. As I predicted, with all of that hair, it was bound to happen at some point. We got lucky and I still can't figure out exactly where the hair was cut from. Here's to top-knots in the future!

A quick stop to our local Home Depot left us with a sweet little plant, paint chips and a sample for the subway tile I am dying to put in the kitchen. I love the small steps that lead to a big project you've wanted to tackle for a while. Even if it will be a long while before we get started, figuring out what we want is sometimes the most fun.

And the week rounded out with some brownie baking, a Barbie movie, piles of laundry, board games and a few episodes of Downton Abbey. It wasn't a bad one, I can say. Here's to the weekend, xo!

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