January 16, 2014


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It's been crazy lately. My amazing sister-in-law stayed with us this week and she pretty much rocked it. The house was a mess and the dog who has never had fleas caught fleas and she still loved hanging with us.

Also..And I debated for weeks whether I was going to talk about this on my blog. I'm still debating really, because Lia is getting older and I never want to embarrass her or over share her story here. It is hers, after all. But this blog is mine and sharing our life here is what I tend to do. I never want to forget a moment or a question or anything else I document here. Keeping things real here is a delicate balance for me. So here it goes - L caught a case of head lice a few weeks ago. It feels like a taboo subject. I know it's common and can happen to anyone. I also now know how it feels to have to explain to teachers and parents that your kid has lice. It's not a fun thing nor is it a fun process to deal with. We've been dealing with it since the last few days of December and while I think we're in the clear, there are certainly no live bugs in her hair, they also come back surprisingly easy. It's kind of a day by day thing. Every time I'm around her, I'm constantly looking at her head now. It's a new one for the book of motherhood, for sure.

So there was that. And the dog. And the heater went out last night. I am pretty sure a sneaky little mess-fairy swept through our house. Okay, no, we got lazy. We got caught up in de-fleaing the dog and washing the bedding constantly and trying to cook dinners that everything else was ignored.

It sounds like our week was hell, I'm sure. But it wasn't. I have good things to document too. The hubby and I went on a date. It was a Monday night and perfect because the restaurant was empty and we had the best brownie afterwards. Anthropologie opened recently and there were two (!) trips to snag some pretty bowls and knobs. Harry Potter has stamps, what? And my sweet girl was equally sweet and naughty.

So, let me tell you...even though most of this month has made me want to pull my hair out and drink copious amounts of alcohol, I did neither and life celebrated that with some good moments.

But seriously, January. Let's get along, shall we?


  1. Oh no! Bummer about the lice, but so glad that you got all of that taken care of. It sounds like y'all have been so busy, so I'm SO glad that you were able to snag a date night. xo

    1. Busy is a sure thing around here lately :) Thanks for stopping by with the sweet comment, xo!

  2. Poor girl -- lice can be a total pain, but you are right, its fairly common. Hope its gone for good! I'm with you on January, though -- we've spent ours on the rotating door of doctors' offices ... Im ready for February to resurrect that!

    1. I hope its gone too! I'm almost afraid to say it is in case I jinx us :( I hope February is nice for both of us, xo!


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