January 7, 2014


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January, I'm glad you're here. It feels like I've been running some kind of crazy celebration hoopla between Thanksgiving and right after the New Year. It's fun, of course it's fun. But it starts to take a toll.  So right around the second week of January is when things become fun in the "oh lets just go on with our ho-hum ordinary schedules and see where life takes us" way.
Here's what I'm excited for...
Cold mornings. They give me a reason to cover up bad hair days (or weeks!) with cozy knitted hats.
A fresh start to the New Year.
A visit from my sister-in-law. She's kind of the best and we love her so.
New episodes of Pretty Little Liars. Because, yeah.
And on that note - Juan-uary.
A moms night out!
And the return of our favorite Farmers Market.
I've got some new series and blog post ideas I'm excited to share with you guys this month too. Here's to you January, let's do it right, xo!


  1. I've just recently started watching Pretty Little Liars, and I'm hooked as well.

    1. Ah! A new episode aired last night but I haven't had a chance to watch it. Can not wait! Do you watch Ravenswood too? I'm a nerd but it totally creeps me out. Still, I watch every episode LOL!


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