January 3, 2014


Happy 2014, you guys! We're three days in and I've decided this year will be about making small changes and better choices. I could go all gung-ho and make grand plans but in all honestly, that isn't my style. And I'd only feel terrible when they all hit the ground after I failed. 

But there are things I want to do with this year. It's a fresh new slate and those little butterflies of possibility are in full effect around here. Even Lia made goals to start soccer and do well in school and ballet. Ha, we start early around here!

But I think I'll skip making some long list I can check off this time.

I will never give up caffeine but I will try to drink more water. It would be really nice to lose enough lbs to squeeze into my favorite black party dress a little easier. It's always nice when your clothes let you breathe. And, it wouldn't be so bad if date nights weren't as rare as UFO sightings around here. So, that's where it's going to be.

Here's to the awesome things ahead. And the hair-pulling bad ones, too. Yin and yang and all that jazz!

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