January 28, 2014


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We're waiting on a winter ice storm this afternoon! Personally, I wish that meant buckets of snow to be dumped on our little coastal town. It does not (insert very sad emoji here!). But, it does mean there's a small chance we'll be "iced" in for a day and hunkering down at home with my loves sounds pretty darn good for a mid-week treat.

While we wait, here's a few things I loved from the Internet this month...

I was cleaning out my collection of cookie sheets and finally pulled out the really old, sad looking ones. I think I'll DIY them up with one of these ideas instead of tossing them out! Here | Here | Here

THIS moment from the Grammy Awards. I rarely ever watch award shows of any kind, but I am honored to have caught this moment live.

These leggings are the cutest!

Giant Valentine's. How romantic (& fun!) would these be?
A good read for living simply | 8 things you can live without.
Spring is around the corner and I am pretty sure this yellow chair needs to live in our backyard.

This knitting series is making me want to pick up my needles again.
Printing this for L's room. We're embarking on a big-girl room soon!
And, now I'm eyeing every basket in the house.

Enjoy and stay warm, xo!

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