January 6, 2014


We threw our girl a simple breakfast birthday party over the weekend. She wanted a sleepover and we did not, so we met in the middle. This little party was my favorite of any we've thrown her! She had her own friends which was huge for her! She did so well all morning. It was such a happy (and loud!) morning in our house.

I kept the decorations simple and picked out my favorite plates and napkins and the rest fell together. I made a quick garland for the wall and added a lot of balloons. It doesn't hurt that the stripes in our dining room are fun by themselves! And all of the mason jars, pots and dishes I used were things I had on hand already.

We served up waffles with fresh fruit, chocolate chips, and powdered sugar to top them off with. Of course, cereal! And mini donuts just because our girl loves them so. I poured some orange juice in a thrifted glass carafe and served up white and chocolate milk. Everyone got to take home a mini notebook & crayons with some fun "sausage & egg" treats!

 photo IMG_1770edit_zpsdf365fda.jpg
 photo IMG_1714edit_zpsfe97e89e.jpg
 photo IMG_1754edit_zps7896f1f2.jpg
 photo IMG_1752edit_zps2e2e6999.jpg
 photo IMG_1735edit_zps88c8c4d1.jpg
 photo IMG_1742edit_zps1e953a5b.jpg
 photo IMG_1732edit_zps551e5ecd.jpg
 photo IMG_1746edit_zps76c0e3ab.jpg
 photo IMG_1743edit_zpsf1a0b0da.jpg
 photo IMG_1736edit_zps2e0c0ab9.jpg
 photo IMG_1734edit_zps57b9f93f.jpg
 photo IMG_1738edit_zpsfa58c30a.jpg
 photo IMG_1771edit_zps5fb6f477.jpg
 photo IMG_1763edit_zps3f776425.jpg
 photo IMG_1759edit_zps1fce4ced.jpg
 photo IMG_1778edit_zpsd3f05d63.jpg  photo IMG_1721edit2_zps9305526c.jpg


  1. how cute! I love this little theme

    1. Thank you, xo! It was fun keeping it simple and easy. And who can resist waffles topped with fresh fruit?

  2. wow.. what a seriously adorable party!

    1. We loved it so much I want to keep reliving the morning! Actually, I want to throw another breakfast party just because :)


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