December 13, 2013


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The past weekend and this week have been so full of good. And to keep it real, it's also been full of messes and meltdowns. And one very long night of sugar-cookie making. 

I'm trying to turn a page in the old book of life to have a better attitude. Taking all of those bits and pieces of who I think I am and who I want to be and actually being them. Being true to myself and being the mom I yearn to be. I stuck a few reminders around the house and I am loving how they look. Like this one I shared on instagram.

And after the last festively-packed weekend, I'm excited for a slightly calmer one. L's first ballet recital is tomorrow night! Dress rehearsal is tonight and I'm honestly not sure how she'll do being on stage but she did show off some of her moves in the kitchen last night and my heart melted all over the floor.

Other things from our week:
Chopping down our tree in shorts. And getting pretty dirty in the process.
Ordering a paint sprayer. Hello soon-to-be black and white stripes in the dining room.
Crossing things off our christmas to-do list.
And trying out a new-to-us pizza place.
A bright blue scarf.
Doing something nice for my guy.
Enjoy your weekend, xo.

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