December 6, 2013


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Is it just me or does it feel like Christmas is coming early this year? I was wasting time on Facebook the other day and I noticed a local farm posted that they STILL had some Christmas trees on the lot. It was December 2nd. Why wouldn't they still have trees for sale?

We do real trees, which is why we don't have one yet. Between the usual unpacking and settling in routine after traveling, M taking an online class for work and finishing up his semester at school we just haven't found time to go out for anything besides groceries. And even that was squeezed in between class and the dinner time-bed time tango.

This week has been pretty ho-hum ordinary but my mind has been swirling with a list of festive things we need to get done. At times, it's overwhelming and I'm figuring out how to not feel guilty for doing all the Pinterest-worthy things or attempting every DIY that's been popping up in my feed. It dawned on me that as long as we're happy and filling our house with joy this season, the rest is just details. All I want is for our house to be full of cheer.

However, I will cram as many sweet treats as I can into the next couple weeks. Holiday baking is a thing in our house. It's a solid tradition that can't be missed.

Other things from this week:
Twinkly lights in our bedroom
We have an elf named Pipsi.
The Rockefeller Tree lighting. Our girl was impressed.
A Monday afternooon lunch out with M.
Christmas shopping.
And an afternoon at the Farmers Market.

We have a full weekend with plans to see the town tree lighting, watch a movie under the stars and stake out our usual spot at the Christmas parade. And at some point, we'll get a tree and decorate it. There will be cheer!

Enjoy your weekend, xo.

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