December 27, 2013


Thank god for waterproof mascara. I literally cried during her entire performance. She's reserved in so many ways that the whole night I prayed that she would at least get on stage. I never expected her to dance her heart out.

But she did. And it was amazing. She knew her part (a clown doll!) and did just what she was supposed to and then she was completely wired afterwards from excitement. We took her out for pizza later and it was the perfect night. And we're all excited for her next recital in April!

PS. We gave her a big bunch of pink balloons because she loves them. But we were the only parents that brought balloons. Are they too over the top for ballerinas? I'm curious to know what you think!


  1. She looks adorable! I think balloons are great =)

    1. Thank you, xo! She loved the balloons so I think that's what counts. And I don't mind sticking out now and then ;)


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