December 30, 2013


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After the morning at the Dole Plantation, we drove up the coast to the North Shore. It's famous for the beaches and shave ice. We weren't disappointed!

We came prepared with bathing suits under our clothes and a bag full of sunscreen and sand toys so we could hit up any beach that looked fun from the road. And that's pretty much what we did. We drove and stopped at Matsumoto grocery store for shaved ice. I'm pretty sure I got banana and cherry and as I remember, it was kind of amazing. We picked up some amazing hand-crafted wooden serving spoons at a local shop. And then, hopped in the truck in search of some waves and sand.

After we left a beach or two, I'm pretty sure it rained for awhile on our way back to the other side of the island. And in Hawaii, it's really hard for rain to get your spirits down. We just cruised around with the windows up instead.

This was probably one of my favorite days in Hawaii.

PS. Those onion potato chips are my favorite.

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