December 30, 2013


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Oh, Lia. You went and turned four and time is leaving us all in the dust.

When you were born, I could never imagine you being any bigger than your teeny six pound self. And now that you're four, it seems every bit as normal that I have a four year old as it should. Sometimes, I get a glance of mothers and their teen daughters shopping or out for lunch and I think about what those days will look like for us. It makes me excited for the future, we have so much to look foward too.

But for now, I'm happy to stay in the present. And four year old you...

Is obsessed with all things pink and princessy.
Also, anything My Little Pony.
Can name the president, the state you live in, the days of the week and the months of the year.
Says funny things like "ugh, not again!" or "that's more like it".
Loves fiercely.
You also state your opinion fiercely
In true toddler form, you say what you want, when you want.
Also, I can't really call you a toddler anymore. You're a preschooler.!.!
Takes your responsibilities serious. But you take them more serious once you've gotten in trouble for not doing them!
LOVES your dog.
Is really shy.
And also, really un-shy at home.
Is doing amazing in preschool.
Gives THE best hug-your-neck-and-squeeze-tight hugs.
Has the best belly laugh.
And the cutest squishy tooshie.
Waves goodbye from the window to everyone leaving our house.
Has such a big imagination. I love to listen to you play because you create these imaginary story lines and talk them out for toys and my heart swells every time.

And mostly - four year old you, like every other version of you I'll have, is my favorite. Because you are undeniably the brightest light in my life. Except on the days where you throw epic tantrums. But yes, probably even then. Because that's how moms love. And I do love you so, my little mamacita. I do love you so.

PS. Her birthday was incredibly simple and happy. She wanted to go bowling, open presents and play. And that's what we did. Little girl rocked it in the present department. And after using most of her birthday money, we've got new toys for days. And a very happy, super big four year old. It was a good one.

PPS. We took her to Outback the night before her birthday and surprised her with a candle-lit sundae and a round of happy birthday. She burst into tears and obviously hates any kind of attention directly & solely on her!

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