November 26, 2013


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It's feeling festive up in here. I haven't put any holiday decorations up in efforts to respect The Turkey and all and I killed off every single mum I bought, BUT it's t-minus two days until I'm grubbing on some turkey and I'm checking off to-dos until it's time to hit the road for my parents house so yeah - FESTIVE! See also: hot chocolate with marshmallows in really large mugs and Christmas shopping.

I'm in charge of the mashed potatoes this year and since they are pretty easy, there'll be plenty of time for napping and watching the parade. Parades and New York are up there on my list of favorites, I tell ya. There's something about the holidays that makes me feel all warm and happy. Everything looks better with twinkly lights, right? I've got a stack of books and my favorite Pandora playlist all ready to go for our six-hour drive. Let's do this!

I'll be back on Monday...Until then, Happy Thanksgiving, xo!

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