November 7, 2013


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It's the obligatory but fun (and late!) Halloween post. This spooky night had some pretty scary moments - the worst braids to make ever, a few toddler tantrums, a sick dog... but when I sat down to edit and write up this post, the bad parts are pretty vague.

It was our third year trick-or-treating in this state which is crazy for us. But our first time in the new neighborhood and they did not disappoint. L got a ton of candy and I was surprised by the many kids that live around us that we haven't seen or met yet.

We did our pumpkin carving and painting the night before after we ate our festive meal. L wasn't so impressed by my culinary skills, as usual! And that kept Halloween night simple. M had school so we went out as soon as he got home and grabbed a pizza after.

See that frightfully tall stack of hay bales up there? This was the first year our girl conquered them. She ran straight to the top AND she ran straight through the tunnel that runs through the hay. I couldn't decide if I was more afraid or damn proud that she actually did it. L is extremely cautious, so this was a big thing for her.

Also, the picture above at the library was taken at a horrible angle and it's slightly blurry - but, when your favorite librarian dresses up as Luna Lovegood you document it.

It was a good day. Happy very late Halloween, xo!


  1. Love the pumpkin quesadilla! & her costume!

    1. Thank you, xo! I was fresh out of Halloween-themed dinners that I could throw together quickly and a easy search on Pinterest saved the day LOL.


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