October 28, 2013


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There was one terrible tantrum on Monday that left me calling my mom for help and a grocery trip gone wrong, but other than that, this past week had a pretty good flow.

L had a dental check-up. Her teeth kill me. It seems that no matter how much brushing and flossing we do or how much we're skipping juice and extra sugars and almost never having sweets and junky snacks around the house - our girl is at a high risk for cavities. It sucks. And it's no fair to her. But the good news is that she didn't have any cavities this round!

That said, the house is actually full of candy and sweets this week. I may have gone a little crazy with the Halloween thing. We've got apple pie, caramel apples, candy bark, creepy bones, chocolate covered pretzels and of course, Halloween candy. (!!)

I finished up both of L's costume and the details will be on the blog in the next day or two. Her princess costume was pretty dreamy while we went trick-or-treating at a local event this weekend.

A lady dropped a jar of pasta sauce next to me and L, it shattered and splashed all over us. Thankfully we didn't get hurt but I can't say the same about our clothes.

The weather finally cooled down here. It's the kind of weather where we can wear sweaters and keep the windows open all day and since it only stay like this for a few months, we're soaking it up.

And, I'm missing New York already. Our trip was just what we needed. But I am loving the little reminders and pieces of New York we have around the house.

A few things around the web...

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I'm working on my patience with L this week. Prepping for halloween! And, trying to decide what school pictures we should order. I kind of fell in love with all of them.

Here's to a good, spooky week! xo


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