October 11, 2013


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This week was one part breezy and one part OHMYGOD. I have to pat myself on the back for keeping the piles of laundry and dishes at bay. But I failed at parenting. My kid is pretty sure of how she wants things to go down and she's pretty relentless. Which means that I'm losing patience and I'm fresh out of clever ways to get her to do what I say. It's a rough cycle around here.

I'm loving the Fall TV shows. We're TV junkies around here. Since M works so hard with his jobs and classes, hanging out on the sofa & catching up some our shows is really the only thing we have time for/care to do. And since I'm with L all day, evenings have a routine of being slow and quiet and shift a bit towards adult time. As much as you can have quiet, awesome adult time with three year old running around.

Also! Preschool has earned their pay. Last night, out of the blue, L recited the pledge of allegiance. I mean, the whole thing. In kid language, of course, but still legit. And then, I pretty much turned into that mom and recorded it and social media-ed it and insisted we call grandma right that second to show off. She's just a genius, no big deal.

In other L news, she's obsessed with her girl friends this week and asks every day if she can have a sleepover for her birthday. She's also decided she doesn't like boys anymore. Bullet dodged?

I got my Glee-k on this week catching up on the last two seasons. What would we do without Hulu and Amazon?

I tracked down most of the Wizard of Oz toys from McDonalds. I'm not usually one for plastic toys cluttering our space but when I was small my mom used to track down the McD's Barbie toys for me and they were my favorite things. So I tracked them down and surprised L with them. She only likes the Good Witch. Surprise?

A few things around the web...
One pretty cool guy.

Odd effects of the government shutdown.

A very cute (and easy!) DIY crown. Am thinking I need to make one for L!

Would love to add these to our Halloween book collection // 1 and 2.

Dying over the oxford trend. I love these and those

Our favorite apple orchard in New York.

Have a happy weekend!


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