October 23, 2013


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We've been home for a few days, just doing the settling in dance. I've been shuttling my girl to playdates and school, running errands and catching up with friends. And doing the usual shopping/laundry/cleaning/cooking thing.

New York was amazing. I left an even bigger piece of my heart there this time. I'm counting down the months until our next trek up there! The stars aligned and gave us the most perfect weather while we were there. We seemed to have brought down some cooler weather with us so we're enjoying sleeping with the windows open and letting a cool breeze in during the day.

We ventured out on Sunday for barbeque and art at a local festival. We finally made it to story time. In our pajamas! And I got brave enough to document my new very short 'do. I'm actually looking forward to cleaning the rest of the house this week and we've got a weekend full of fun ahead of us.

I'll be back with some pictures from New York soon! Happy Wednesday, xo.

PS. Did anyone catch last night's PLL and Ravenswood? I can't stop watching no matter how much it creeps me out!

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