September 3, 2013


I have to say, since September is here and all, I'm pretty excited. And once again, I'm reminded that there's nowhere like New York in the Fall and I'm nowhere near New York. What's a girl gonna do?

I turned twenty-seven last week. Most of the weekend was ran by one hell of a cranky toddler, albeit there were some sweet moments to be had. Including a donut cake and yellow barstools. You guys, yellow. I don't know, it's a thing or something with me. Also, I found the most perfect black cocktail dress for my brother's wedding later this month. Let's just not talk about how much it costs. 
Other things: Today feels like Monday. A yogurt mishap ended up with an afternoon bubble bath. Ballet and preschool are still big hits around here. My little sister is visiting us next week! Halloween stuff is hitting the shelves and despite the humidity, some definition of Fall is coming. That paired with knowing Parenthood starts this month has me feeling good.

This song is what's been playing today.
Some truth about happiness and feeling whole.
I've been obsessed with weekender bags for a while. You know, for all those weekend trips we take. side eyes. But really, I want one. Preferably one of these design it yourself types. Did you see the one M made me?
A DIY on my list.

 photo IMG_9106edit_zpsd2edd01e.jpg

It's still all good.

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