September 27, 2013


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We're spending the weekend in North Carolina. My big brother is getting married! We're happy to get away for a while and break up our normal routine. The past two weeks haven't been stellar so this is pretty awesome for us.

While we enjoy family and the cooler weather - my sister has crunchy leaves scattered across her backyard(!) - I hope you all have a great weekend!

PS. Have you seen the new Fox TV show Sleepy Hollow? They are currently filming in my hometown! It's pretty cool to see all the trucks and lighting crews around. The town has a serious background in all things creepy. I grew up hearing all about ghost stories and the witches that used to roam the town. So, it's the perfect backdrop for the show. Today, they are filming in a local cemetery but recently they filmed at this venue which also happens to be where my brother's wedding is being held tomorrow. And, I had my bridal portraits taken there a few years ago. 

If you watch the second episode of the show, you can catch some of the scenes that were filmed here!

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