September 13, 2013


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I'm happy to see September has arrived! While the temps haven't cooled down much here, the lovebugs are out and that can only mean that Fall is coming. I am a Fall kinda girl. Give me chilly days, bowls full of hot soup & chili, trips to the apple orchand and a stack of Meg Ryan movies and you've pretty much made my life. I'm counting down the days until our next trip to New York. There's no better place to be in the Fall than New York.

This week was quite the week and I'm ready to take a breather this weekend. Lia is recovering from her ear infection and nothing makes me a happier mama than my bug feeling better. And M started another class this week and has been working non-stop hours so we're doing our best to soak up the few minutes we get with each other late at night.

My little sister is coming down for a visit this weekend and we're thrilled to finally show her our new house and squeeze in some sister time! I've been busy doing laundry and dishes. It's funny show doing mundane chores doesn't seem so horrible when it's for such a good cause.

Making me happy this week and some links to love:
Fresh flowers. I buy the cheap grocery store bunches and split them up so I can get a little dose of something pretty all over the house.
Parenthood returns in two weeks!
The refrigerator is brimming with school work and art projects L brings home from school. It makes my heart skip a beat to see how happy she is with what she is doing!
We are the 15 percent.
This blogger is inspiring me to give our bed a cheery little makeover. We happen to have this same one in black. I am thinking a minty green would be the perfect pop of color.
I'm a big fan of Stefon from the SNL skits. I'm excited for the new season but bummed about the amazing cast members that left the show last season.
Also, we've got two large cardboard boxes leftover from our new barstools and they are sitting pretty lonely in the dining room. I'd love to turn them into something like a washing machine or these cardboard playhouses!

Have a great weekend!

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