September 9, 2013


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I rarely have "a case of the Mondays". I like the idea of a fresh week and for now, L doesn't have school on Mondays so it's usually a good day for us. I guess Monday just wanted to keep things in check.
So, the dog thought it would be fun to sleep in one of my favorite shirts. I'm sure he slept good but then he got stuck and I had to cut it off him. Now I'm wearing it with no sleeves and feeling pretty sad about it. I look like a lumber jack. I mean, really. This happens?.

Then L's cough turned into other things and now she has her first ear infection. Which led to a really long wait for her prescription at Target. And I'm usually pretty tally-ho having to spend an afternoon there. But when your toddler feels miserable, I'm all tally-NO. Also, she was up seven times (7!) last night and threw up all over the kitchen floor this morning.

Turns out, the day had a sweet ending. M took us out for dinner. If he let me cook, I can pretty much assure you it wouldn't have been edible. I can only do one thing when I'm scatterbrained - be scatterbrained. And we finished up another small project for the house. So, I'm chalking it up to a "glad it's over" day and keeping my fingers crossed we can all sleep through the night.

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