August 10, 2013

let's just slow it down, okay?

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This happened this week. Where did my little girl go? We dropped her off for her first day on Thursday and other than some tears from me, all was well! I'm pretty sure it hurt me more that she didn't even look back. She was really nervous though, she gets that from me.

And now that preschool has happened, we're like "lets do all the things!!". SOCCER! BALLET! LET'S JUST DO IT! I mean, we may as well throw all of babyhood out the window, right?

Part of me is SO freaking excited for her. She gets to learn new things! Meet new friends! Learn manners and how to not yell at your parents! And, we get a little BREATHER! Seriously. I am crazy in love with my girl - but some times 24/7 while doing a lot of solo parenting gets hard, you know? It's awesome that M works so hard for us but mama needs space sometimes. I can actually pee alone once or twice a week now. But the other part is like NOO. Give me all of her, all the time. I don't know every little thing she does for six hours of the week. Did she share toys? What snacks did they give her? Did she even talk in class, like at all? I'm tempted to be the crazy mom that sends the owner an email and be like "Yo, can I get a play by play or something?" Now THAT would make me feel better.

I'm proud of her though. And just a little scared. I mean, within a few minutes of us picking her up and asking her a million questions about her first day, she said "I love boys!. I mean, I can't even...

So yeah. We can sum up her first day with teeny handprints, a poem that made me sob and she loves boys. Bring on all the new-ness!

We signed L up for ballet today. She asked where the boys were. And that's what happens when all of your friends have boys and you're all like oh, it's no big deal. Does she really need to play with girls? YES. She really does. I get it now.


  1. I just started reading your blog and I'm obsessed. I'm actually pretty sure we are the same person!! Can't wait to get caught up!!

    1. Yay! I hope you're still enjoying our happenings, xo!

  2. She is so sweet! And sounds a lot like my three year old -- both the comment on a previous post about being taken over by a terrorist [lol] and the little comments! Three/four is ... well, its an interesting age! Hope she is enjoying preschool!

    1. It is SO interesting. Now that she has turned four, I am so curious to see what changes it brings! And thank you, she LOVES preschool!


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