August 12, 2013


Monday is here again and the weekend was pretty great. M had a few extra days off work so we got some serious family time clocked. But, lately, I've been kind of a crappy participant. I find myself wishing we were back in past seasons of our life, instead of embracing the now. I mean, the now is AWESOME! Don't get me wrong. But, something about living here just doesn't make me feel complete. Maybe it just isn't the right fit? I can't quite figure it out.

I've lost some spark. Some of what makes me, well me. I don't have energy. I snap into a bad mood too quickly and I find myself comparing my life/house/blog/whatever to all the inspiring things that are out there in the world of pinterest and blogs. It's not inspiring anymore, it's draining. So. Freaking. Draining. I just want to be inspired again, you know? I don't want comparison to steal all of the joy I do have. And, I've prayed the past few days for patience and energy. For the ability to be a kick-ass mom to L again. For peace. For motivation. Basically, a slew of things. It's coming back, I know it will.

But with L starting preschool and ballet, I want to focus on her. And I want to focus on me during the few hours I'll actually have to myself for a while. The house is in a constant state of disarray and I can't function like this. So, I'm taking a step back. At least for this week, there won't be any new blog posts. I'm taking a little social media sabbath.

I want to make something. I want my mind completely on my girl as I get her ready for school in the mornings. I want everything in place so that I can focus on one task, one thing and give it my entire attention. I want to curl up on the sofa and crack open a book. Or pop in a movie and just chill. I want the internet and social media to be inspiring and fun again, instead of a big black hole.

Until I get back, enjoy it all! xoxo


  1. I hear you. I've had the same week. A lot of things to do but no desires to do it at all. So many blessing to be happy about but instead just focusing on the things I want and don't have.
    I decided to let it go, put it in God hands and be thankfull for all I do have, knowing my life is in His hands and obviously He knows best.
    Sending way too much love to you. It'll be ok really soon. I'll pray for you.


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