August 27, 2013


Hey, I'm out of hiding! Sorry I'm not sorry that it was so long. I just lived life and filled my social media hole with too many rounds of Candy Crush. But! I did enjoy sleeping in with my girl and going out to dinner with my loves and staying on top of the laundry and dusting. I pulled my big camera out more often to snap L in her element. And I drove the bug around to preschool and ballet. Which by the way are both total hits around here.

My girl is flourishing in big ways as of late. I mean, to keep things real though, she still throws these stubborn tantrums and asks me "what my problem is". So you know, she's pretty much a teenager now. The kind that dresses up as a princess, lives off pretzels and applesauce and thinks tea parties are what's up.

Other than that, things are things and life is being lived. L got new glasses. It's all pink forever, all the time over here. M got a new car and started another semester of college. I got shiny, yellow barstools.

And now I'm just doing my best to keep up with the pace of our quickly changing schedules and lives. Life is good, you guys.

PS. Put your toddler in weekend jeans. It's too much.


  1. She's the cutest little teenager I've seen, ha! Oh, and I love her new glasses.


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