August 8, 2013

and so it goes.

  photo IMG_8699edit_zpsda9b3fd3.jpg

This happened today. And as much as I try, time ain't stopping. Or slowing down. In fact, I'm pretty sure it's laughing at me as I try to keep up. PS - I suck at keeping up.

But this happened. And tomorrow I'll share all the pictures and crazy mom emotions. Because tonight, I'm pretty sure a terrorist took over my daughter and her sweet and sour attitudes are giving me whiplash. So, yeah. I'm just calling it quits on anything productive happening tonight.

So, tomorrow!


  1. So cute! I wish time would slow down too =(
    Noah starts 2nd grade soon and just thinking about it makes me tear up! I thought emotional first days of school would have stopped by now!

    1. I don't think the emotional days will ever stop :(


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