July 22, 2013

the weekly.

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I feel like I have a weekend hangover. We're moving a little sluggish this morning and it's showing in the quiet way the morning is just going along. Yogurt, chuggington and a little watercolor for her. Blogging and bills for me.

Last week was full of playdates. And a good margarita and girls night out to balance it all. We finally made it to the library to restock our book stash and beat the heat for a little while. I picked up Tina Fey's Bossypants to read again. I like to mark my summers with good books and this one is hilarious.

Mostly this week was about our girl though. We're signing her up for preschool but didn't I just have her yesterday?! It's honestly a crazy, mixed-emotion kind of decision. But we're doing it, most likely stumbling our way along.

Also? Ballet class. Because leotards and tutus on little girls will make cry and laugh. Or at least, that was pretty close to my reaction.

I had a moment yesterday where it really hit me. This is kind of it for the way things are. It's all going to be the way things were. We're letting our kid exist outside of this personal bubble we've lived in for the past 3.5 years. She's going to be thriving in a world that I'm not completely part of. I won't get to see every moment of hers and that kind of sucks. But I am excited for a new routine and new challenges things for her. It's going to be good. Just completely different.

And things around the web...

Need any fun book suggestions for kids? Read this post!

My friend Emily is spending her Summer in Hawaii right now and she's blogging about it here. After our trip in March, I'm still in love with the lifestyle there.

This BBQ chicken is on our must-eat this week list. Along with corn on the cob and juicy watermelon slices. Because it's still Summer for a little while longer.

And I am pretty sure our kitchen needs this & these, while our bedroom needs this. Our house is a constant work in progress and I am always trying to get it to feel like us.

We're going to continue our morning style at the pool this afternoon with some friends. The lazy river is calling my name. Happy Monday!

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