July 15, 2013


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Last week was pretty slow, which worked out nicely as we adjusted to being home again and unpacking. Paired with the rain we've spent a lot of time indoors playing with dolls & reading.

I recently finished the Beautiful Creatures series and this book. I'm starting this one now. Has anyone read it?

I finally caught up on The Bachelorette and while I'm not really into any of the guys in particular, the drama is entertaining! It's always crazy how much drama there can be between a group of guys.

This song has been on replay all week. L calls it the lalala song and she's pretty crazy about it.

We're still in the swing of summer and fully enjoying it but with talk lately of ballet classes & preschool for the babe, Fall is creeping into my heart and it may have me swooning just a bit. But to keep things real, we're still eating our weight in frozen yogurt cones every day.

Hello Apparel had an awesome sale over the fourth of July weekend and I snagged up the hello tank for L. I'm bummed that I ordered it a little too small but we love it so.

We had a family car wash the other night. Which turned into a toddler tricycle wash. Have you seen this fun DIY? Wouldn't it be fun for a play date?

And a few things I loved around the internet this week...

This piece on a semi-local bakery. I'm pretty to go visit soon.

I love this etsy shop for children's clothing. My favorites are 1 | 2 | 3.

Are you following The Everyday on bloglovin' yet? I made the switch with Google Reader being offically closed and I'm really liking it.

And the previews for this new comedy have me lauging out loud.

Today is going to be a super lazy day at our house. I'm trying to kick whatever has me feeling crummy and we're gearing up for a busy week. So, happy Monday xoxo

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