July 25, 2013

bugs aren't cool and other things...

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You guys. This week. Between having my parents in town over the weekend, having my nephew stay all week, lots of play dates and a mysterious bug bite/swollen eye for L, I'm exhausted. But before I dig into the piles of laundry and dishes that are taking over the house and pack us up, I wanted to pop in before it got quiet this weekend.

We're headed off to North Carolina for a quick weekend trip. I'm happy to see my family again so soon! Next week is our last full week of summer, then L starts preschool and oh man, it's going to be crazy. It's our last hurrah of summer.

I'll be back on Monday with the details of our week and lots of pictures! Happy weekending, xoxo.

PS. L's eye is thankfully just fine. A little swollen, but no infection and some allergy medicines should keep it less irritated. You know this whole state is full of bugs when the doctor chuckles and says "it's south carolina, it's what happens". Seriously, I have never seen more bugs than I do living here. I'm not a fan.


  1. I hate bugs and whenever D see's them he follows right after them...gross! I'm glad that there isn't an infection.

    Hope you enjoy your vacation!

    1. Haha kids! Always doing the opposite of what we want ;)

  2. awe, poor girl!!
    Have fun this weekend!

  3. Yuck to the bugs! Hopefully Lia gets some relief from the medications!

    And I can't believe she's starting preschool already!

    1. Yeah, we feel the same way about bugs! I am SO late replying to comments but now I can't believe she's half through her first year in preschool!!


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