May 17, 2013


we're back in business today with some grainy photos and a toothless grin. you guys, yesterday was hard. there were a lot of tears from me and the little one. but we made it through and i honestly think that lia does not remember the experience. she knows she went to the dentist and has some sparkly teeth and she knows one is gone but she doesn't remember what happened. me on the other hand? those screams will be etched on my heart forever.

it truly sucks to sit by and not be able to do anything while your kid is screaming for you. being a mother fills you with this feeling of always needing to be able to care for you kid. no matter what. i always want her happy and healthy and smiling. but it also brings the feeling that sometimes you have to let someone else do their job to keep your kid happy and healthy. it's such a bad feeling knowing that my motherhood powers don't do it all.

BUT we can't do it all, as much as we want to. so i am thankful to have found a really good pediatric dentist that took such good care of our girl. i know i've probably said this everywhere but for the record: she had one tooth removed, one tooth crowned and two fillings.

but that gap is too darn cute. and she was over the moon excited to see the tooth fairy visited last night and left her a dollar. she carried all of her money around with her all morning. she's back to her normal spirited self and all is good here!

ps. thanks for the thoughts, prayers, good vibes, etc. we really do appreciate it all!

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