May 23, 2013


yesterday was pretty great. i mean, at first it was nuts because i ran around town ALL DAY LONG. half the time with a toddler, the other half with a cranky toddler and a legit crazy dachshund.

but then after rushing home with pizza, the hubs had the idea to go to the beach. at 5 o'clock on a wednesday night? i jumped on that. and once again the salt water and sticky air saved the day.

our girl got brave last night. in her itsy bitsy teeny weeny blue polka dot bikini, that she wore for the first that day. yeah, i had to go there. that song was stuck in my head the entire trip. anyways, our brave girl...she's learning to not be as afraid of the water. she ran into the waves over and over and when she crashed and face planted into the sand, she got up and laughed that endearing laugh she has that is so deep it comes from the pit of her belly.

and lately i haven't been the best. or the nicest. or the most patient. i've gotten swept up in being so impatient and judgy of myself that i forget to stop and make sure those closest to me know just how much they mean to me. instead, i get impatient and judgy with them. and that's not cool. but last night was so good for us.

it was just a really awesome evening. and a score for parenthood because L gave us no trouble going to sleep and slept the entire night in undies without any accidents! it was good.

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