May 13, 2013


so, lets just say that every day really is "mothers" day. and father's day and grandparent's day because really, aren't we all focused on those little ones all the time? all day long our heads are filled with mothering thoughts as we make tiny lunches, wipe noses, change diapers and wipe up pee. and let's just say that every woman is a mother - whether she has children of her own or not, she has or will mother someone at some point in her life. it's just an instinct we girls have.

but who am i to deny a holiday built just for me? a new bag, flowers and breakfast cooked by my amazing hubby? i'll take it. a trip to the beach to soak in some sunshine with my two main squeezes? you can count me in.

really though, i am so happy to be a mom. to be lia's mom. to be the mom of any future kids that we are praying so hard to be blessed with soon. and yesterday was so deliciously amazing, even if i did have to drag tissues along with me to the beach. there's something to be said about salt water and the sticky ocean air. it's got some crazy good healing powers.

and while i am not completely better, i've got more energy than i've had in a week and i am ready to tackle all the messes that piled up while i took a breather.

happy mother's day to all of you wonderful ladies and hello to a new week!

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