May 30, 2013


 i just have to tell you guys, yesterday was nuts. after cleaning house and some major toddler 'tude, when nap time finally rolled around all i had the energy for was some old pizza rolls from the freezer (why did i ever love those things?) and a mini glee-fest. 

that was ALL i wanted. a little quiet and some show tunes with dance numbers. and then i spotted the thing that single-handedly threw me into some kind of little girl screaming panic. i'm pretty sure i was screaming louder than little girls who have the bieber fever. i am probably going to sound crazy but a lizard has somehow taken refuge in our house. in my lovely office! i freaked my freak. i texted M and he laughed. i panic-called my mom and she tried to give me tips but this thing would. not. die. then i panic-called M and insisted he come home and get the lizard out. he laughed some more. i was a hot, crying, screaming mess. i know it sounds like animal cruelty, it probably is. but anything in the bug family is just not my thing. i sprayed it with clorox, i sprayed it with wasp killer, i tried to squish it with a mop. it was the ninja turtle of lizards. the cool orange ninja turtle. 

and then my highlighting moment. i ran in the front yard and called to some guys building the house down the street. it probably looked like something different was going on. and in hindsight, it was a little crazy to let a stranger in my home but someone had to get that lizard out. so the guy killed him and disposed of him. 

crazy was the theme going on yesterday. and now i am on high lizard alert. i even had a nightmare about one last night. not even kidding...

but today! the weekend is starting here, at least for me. we have family coming in town this weekend and we've got plans full of day trips to charleston and hitting the beach.

it'll probably be a little quiet around here for a few days but we'll be back after the weekend. have a good one!

ps. the pictures have nothing to do with the post, but my girl's a rockstar.



  1. OMFGGGG! I would have completely lost my you know what too. Thank GOD that is over with.

    And LOVE those pics of Lia. Too. Much.

    1. I totally lost it! But pictures like this totally make it up ;)


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