May 15, 2013


i mentioned last week that we had to reschedule a dentist appointment for lia so they squeezed us in next month. well, they had a cancellation for tomorrow and offered that spot to us today. M was able to get the day off so tomorrow morning we'll be taking her for the appointment.

she has a few cavities (hello, crappy mom feeling!) and she has to have a tooth pulled. she damaged her front tooth last year after discovering what playing on the arm of a sofa entails. after she fell onto the tile floor, she had busted her mouth open. since her pediatrician told us it was probably nothing serious, we didn't take action until a few months when it turned out it was serious. it seems the best option we have now is to have the tooth pulled. luckily they'll be able to do it all in one appointment. but we're nervous.

and my heart is just broken into a thousand pieces over this. based on the history of soft teeth in our family and the doctor telling us that my hard pregnancy could have led to her not-so-strong baby teeth, i know i am not a bad mom but no mom would feel good in this situation.

so tomorrow morning is going to be a hard one for us. and if you could, please spare a prayer (or two!) or good vibes or whatever it is that YOU do :) we could use it!

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