May 1, 2013


 it's may! spring is here in the south, along with sticky humidity and annoying bugs. but we've got sunshine, may flowers and beautiful days so it all balances out right?

there's lots of fun stuff coming up this month. cinco de mayo is in a few days, which is always a good excuse for this blended family to make tacos and margaritas. or grab some on the road this year as we'll more than likely be picking up our gorgeous girl from her grandparents.

there's also mother's day, military spouses appreciation day, may day, sally ride day and no dirty dishes day. okay so maybe that last one isn't so much a national holiday as it is a day all of us mama's would love, but it's a real thing!

and our 6 year anniversary is coming up! seems like just yesterday my twenty-year old self said "i do". our lives are so different now, but i would do it all over again.

other happy things for may:

on my craft-it list | printed dish towels

did you know this? | kitchen tips

and three clips from the ellen show that had me literally laughing out loud | 1 2 3

 i'll be back tomorrow with a DIY that is sure to give you happy kiddos. happy may day!

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