May 27, 2013


it's the official unofficial start of summer and the weather here got the memo. it's sunny and hot. we're having a small BBQ, just the three of us. it may sound weird but i love the prepping of a BBQ. all the way from the trip to the market to shucking corn and wrapping it in tinfoil. then of course, i hand it all over to the man of the house because i don't go anywhere near grills. or fire, for that matter.

but everything is prepped and the smells are making me even hungrier. we spent the day soaking our feet and splashing around in a very small kiddie pool and now the babe is napping quietly. later tonight i'll be making some grilled pound cake with berries and vanilla ice cream for a simple holiday treat. and maybe we'll pull out some sparklers in the backyard!

while we're having fun today and soaking up the sunshine, we always keep the real meaning of today at the front of our minds. with all the veterans in my family, including my hubby, memorial day is close to our hearts. we are beyond thankful for the sacrifices all service members and their families have made for us. we salute them!

we've got a busy week ahead with some of our favorite people coming to visit us but i'll be sure to pop in here and there. happy memorial day!


  1. oh I hope you guys get to do the sparklers !! Those are always my fav lol :D

    1. To be honest, sparklers freak me out! I love the idea of them, but the burning stick in my hand brings me back to reality every time LOL.


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