May 11, 2013


this week started off great but between L's cough and me catching something, it quickly turned into the kind of week where almost nothing gets done and we just bunker down at home. lia is feeling better and practicing how dramatic being three years old can be. i'm almost on the mend. i managed to shower and put on real clothes this morning so there's that. we had a weekend full of plans and i'm hoping to still tackle most of them. just slowly, while armed with cough drops and a box of tissues.

i whipped up a few crafts earlier this week and i am still swooning over the fabric hoops i made. it started as a small project to fill in some holes in lia's art wall but now i want fabric hoops everywhere! i've got some on the mantle for now and as soon as i can get my hands on more hoops, i've got some big plans for the guest bathroom.

happy weekending and happy mother's day to you all out there! there are so many kinds of mother's out there and on this mothers day, i'd love to spread the love to all of them.

ps. this blogger said it spot on about mother's day.


  1. Love the fabric you chose! Hope L is feeling better!
    Happy Mother's Day to you, too! xxx


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