May 30, 2013


 i just have to tell you guys, yesterday was nuts. after cleaning house and some major toddler 'tude, when nap time finally rolled around all i had the energy for was some old pizza rolls from the freezer (why did i ever love those things?) and a mini glee-fest. 

that was ALL i wanted. a little quiet and some show tunes with dance numbers. and then i spotted the thing that single-handedly threw me into some kind of little girl screaming panic. i'm pretty sure i was screaming louder than little girls who have the bieber fever. i am probably going to sound crazy but a lizard has somehow taken refuge in our house. in my lovely office! i freaked my freak. i texted M and he laughed. i panic-called my mom and she tried to give me tips but this thing would. not. die. then i panic-called M and insisted he come home and get the lizard out. he laughed some more. i was a hot, crying, screaming mess. i know it sounds like animal cruelty, it probably is. but anything in the bug family is just not my thing. i sprayed it with clorox, i sprayed it with wasp killer, i tried to squish it with a mop. it was the ninja turtle of lizards. the cool orange ninja turtle. 

and then my highlighting moment. i ran in the front yard and called to some guys building the house down the street. it probably looked like something different was going on. and in hindsight, it was a little crazy to let a stranger in my home but someone had to get that lizard out. so the guy killed him and disposed of him. 

crazy was the theme going on yesterday. and now i am on high lizard alert. i even had a nightmare about one last night. not even kidding...

but today! the weekend is starting here, at least for me. we have family coming in town this weekend and we've got plans full of day trips to charleston and hitting the beach.

it'll probably be a little quiet around here for a few days but we'll be back after the weekend. have a good one!

ps. the pictures have nothing to do with the post, but my girl's a rockstar.


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a family affair.

May 29, 2013

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we had our photo session with a local photographer recently. i love the charm that finds its way into pictures when you take them in an area you love. for me, that's any kind of city/downtown area that's full of old buildings, brick walls or cobblestone streets.

ps.  i just can't believe how big our girl has gotten! you can see last years session here.
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May 28, 2013

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that gap is making for lots of smiles around here this week. also, L learned the art of the kazoo and smiling for the camera. however that last one usually ends up in some really awkward pictures...

a portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013.

as always, i'm linking up over here. happy tuesday!

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May 27, 2013


it's the official unofficial start of summer and the weather here got the memo. it's sunny and hot. we're having a small BBQ, just the three of us. it may sound weird but i love the prepping of a BBQ. all the way from the trip to the market to shucking corn and wrapping it in tinfoil. then of course, i hand it all over to the man of the house because i don't go anywhere near grills. or fire, for that matter.

but everything is prepped and the smells are making me even hungrier. we spent the day soaking our feet and splashing around in a very small kiddie pool and now the babe is napping quietly. later tonight i'll be making some grilled pound cake with berries and vanilla ice cream for a simple holiday treat. and maybe we'll pull out some sparklers in the backyard!

while we're having fun today and soaking up the sunshine, we always keep the real meaning of today at the front of our minds. with all the veterans in my family, including my hubby, memorial day is close to our hearts. we are beyond thankful for the sacrifices all service members and their families have made for us. we salute them!

we've got a busy week ahead with some of our favorite people coming to visit us but i'll be sure to pop in here and there. happy memorial day!

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May 23, 2013

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yesterday was pretty great. i mean, at first it was nuts because i ran around town ALL DAY LONG. half the time with a toddler, the other half with a cranky toddler and a legit crazy dachshund.

but then after rushing home with pizza, the hubs had the idea to go to the beach. at 5 o'clock on a wednesday night? i jumped on that. and once again the salt water and sticky air saved the day.

our girl got brave last night. in her itsy bitsy teeny weeny blue polka dot bikini, that she wore for the first that day. yeah, i had to go there. that song was stuck in my head the entire trip. anyways, our brave girl...she's learning to not be as afraid of the water. she ran into the waves over and over and when she crashed and face planted into the sand, she got up and laughed that endearing laugh she has that is so deep it comes from the pit of her belly.

and lately i haven't been the best. or the nicest. or the most patient. i've gotten swept up in being so impatient and judgy of myself that i forget to stop and make sure those closest to me know just how much they mean to me. instead, i get impatient and judgy with them. and that's not cool. but last night was so good for us.

it was just a really awesome evening. and a score for parenthood because L gave us no trouble going to sleep and slept the entire night in undies without any accidents! it was good.

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May 19, 2013


telling knock-knock jokes. its the it thing around here this week.

a portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013.

link up & find more from this project here.

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May 18, 2013


she's sometimes so serious. and i adore catching her everyday moments.

a portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013.

find more from this project here.

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May 17, 2013

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we're back in business today with some grainy photos and a toothless grin. you guys, yesterday was hard. there were a lot of tears from me and the little one. but we made it through and i honestly think that lia does not remember the experience. she knows she went to the dentist and has some sparkly teeth and she knows one is gone but she doesn't remember what happened. me on the other hand? those screams will be etched on my heart forever.

it truly sucks to sit by and not be able to do anything while your kid is screaming for you. being a mother fills you with this feeling of always needing to be able to care for you kid. no matter what. i always want her happy and healthy and smiling. but it also brings the feeling that sometimes you have to let someone else do their job to keep your kid happy and healthy. it's such a bad feeling knowing that my motherhood powers don't do it all.

BUT we can't do it all, as much as we want to. so i am thankful to have found a really good pediatric dentist that took such good care of our girl. i know i've probably said this everywhere but for the record: she had one tooth removed, one tooth crowned and two fillings.

but that gap is too darn cute. and she was over the moon excited to see the tooth fairy visited last night and left her a dollar. she carried all of her money around with her all morning. she's back to her normal spirited self and all is good here!

ps. thanks for the thoughts, prayers, good vibes, etc. we really do appreciate it all!

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May 15, 2013

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i mentioned last week that we had to reschedule a dentist appointment for lia so they squeezed us in next month. well, they had a cancellation for tomorrow and offered that spot to us today. M was able to get the day off so tomorrow morning we'll be taking her for the appointment.

she has a few cavities (hello, crappy mom feeling!) and she has to have a tooth pulled. she damaged her front tooth last year after discovering what playing on the arm of a sofa entails. after she fell onto the tile floor, she had busted her mouth open. since her pediatrician told us it was probably nothing serious, we didn't take action until a few months when it turned out it was serious. it seems the best option we have now is to have the tooth pulled. luckily they'll be able to do it all in one appointment. but we're nervous.

and my heart is just broken into a thousand pieces over this. based on the history of soft teeth in our family and the doctor telling us that my hard pregnancy could have led to her not-so-strong baby teeth, i know i am not a bad mom but no mom would feel good in this situation.

so tomorrow morning is going to be a hard one for us. and if you could, please spare a prayer (or two!) or good vibes or whatever it is that YOU do :) we could use it!

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...looked a lot like this.

we spent the afternoon wandering around our town's annual mayfest and grabbed some of the best freaking BBQ you'll find here.

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May 13, 2013

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so, lets just say that every day really is "mothers" day. and father's day and grandparent's day because really, aren't we all focused on those little ones all the time? all day long our heads are filled with mothering thoughts as we make tiny lunches, wipe noses, change diapers and wipe up pee. and let's just say that every woman is a mother - whether she has children of her own or not, she has or will mother someone at some point in her life. it's just an instinct we girls have.

but who am i to deny a holiday built just for me? a new bag, flowers and breakfast cooked by my amazing hubby? i'll take it. a trip to the beach to soak in some sunshine with my two main squeezes? you can count me in.

really though, i am so happy to be a mom. to be lia's mom. to be the mom of any future kids that we are praying so hard to be blessed with soon. and yesterday was so deliciously amazing, even if i did have to drag tissues along with me to the beach. there's something to be said about salt water and the sticky ocean air. it's got some crazy good healing powers.

and while i am not completely better, i've got more energy than i've had in a week and i am ready to tackle all the messes that piled up while i took a breather.

happy mother's day to all of you wonderful ladies and hello to a new week!

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May 11, 2013


this week started off great but between L's cough and me catching something, it quickly turned into the kind of week where almost nothing gets done and we just bunker down at home. lia is feeling better and practicing how dramatic being three years old can be. i'm almost on the mend. i managed to shower and put on real clothes this morning so there's that. we had a weekend full of plans and i'm hoping to still tackle most of them. just slowly, while armed with cough drops and a box of tissues.

i whipped up a few crafts earlier this week and i am still swooning over the fabric hoops i made. it started as a small project to fill in some holes in lia's art wall but now i want fabric hoops everywhere! i've got some on the mantle for now and as soon as i can get my hands on more hoops, i've got some big plans for the guest bathroom.

happy weekending and happy mother's day to you all out there! there are so many kinds of mother's out there and on this mothers day, i'd love to spread the love to all of them.

ps. this blogger said it spot on about mother's day.

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May 7, 2013


since i didn't technically see her for an entire week, this photo is one i snapped sunday afternoon after we brought her back home.

oh the faces she can make.

a portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013.

find more from this project here.
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a monday afternoon in the market.

May 6, 2013

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i'm starting this week back in the swing of parenting and feeling happy. a week off was bliss and while i loved having a clean house, not tripping over toys or fighting over which color cup she drinks from and sleeping in - my world just doesn't feel right without ALL of those things.

we're back in the thick of playdates and afternoon trips to the market. we're rescheduling dentist appointments and i'm dosing out cough medicine and extra love today while our girl is feeling under the weather.

it's good to be mothering my sweet girl. it's a good monday.

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May 3, 2013


i like to make the little moments into big moments around here as much as i can. celebrations make everything better, am i right?

my amazing husband finished up another semester of college last night. i am so proud of everything he is doing for our little family. so i took a little trip to the island and picked up some sweets for us to celebrate with.
until the summer classes set was a happy end of semester.

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May 2, 2013


inspired by this pin, we set out to create L a fun little play garden last week. armed with a bag of organic garden soil, pink flowers, a strawberry plant and mini-sized garden tools we dug out of the garage, we got to work. okay, M got to work because he's the guy and he knows how to do the dirty work like digging up the sod and creating the shape of the garden.

but L and i planted everything and she's been having fun since. it's so much fun to watch her do her gardening thing and i love that she is learning about nature and being good to our planet.

i have a feeling the garden will always be a work in progress. eventually i want to add some herbs and veggies and i am sure we'll let her pick new flowers every spring and fall.

the details:

M carefully dug up some of the sod so we could replant it elsewhere and then he used a shovel and edger to cut out the shape we wanted the garden to be. ours is about a 5x5 section against the fence in our backyard.

after we had the section cleared out, M used the edger to put the little border up so it would stay in place. we just picked up a roll of 10 ft border at home depot for around $7 and we cut it in half to leave an opening.

we raked through the dirt to loosen it up and get the bigger clumps of grass out and then we topped it off with the bag of organic garden soil. you can use any soil, we just grabbed the organic one because it was cheaper and was okay for vegetables and flowers.

we planted some pink annuals that L picked out, a strawberry plant and we transplanted some sunflowers and misc herbs that she had planted in a milk jug during preschool one week. we also left a chunk of grass in the corner to hold the "grass man" (a library project) and it will also be the future home of some painted rocks. once i find rocks and she paints them!

and that's it. she usually goes out and plays a little each day and i remind her to water her garden. otherwise, we let it be and the rain helps us out every now and then.

it was a fun and relatively easy project. if you make one, i'd love to see it!

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