April 2, 2013


it's legit spring now! the days are long and warm and i'm breaking out the neons and sandals. we had to go to the daffodil fields on closing day. there were slim pickings but we found enough to fill up a couple mason jars and spread them around the house. not much makes me happier than some handpicked flowers. 

the easter bunny came too. there were a couple egg hunts but we kept it low-key. instead of candy, we filled the eggs up with goldfish, coins, yogurt-covered raisins & some new big-girl undies. it worked for us. and we got L her first soccer ball. she isn't quite old enough to join a team but we're excited to play in the backyard with her!

i'll put up the easter post tomorrow - i just wanted to share our weekend with you today! i'm off to edit some photos while L naps because later today we're taking a stab at potting training again. wish us luck!!


  1. Oh you are so lucky to be heading into Spring!! We are into Autumn now, which I also love but I am dreading winter. These photos are so lovely and full of sunshine and happiness. Happy Easter to you!
    X Katrina


    1. hi! thank you :) it felt like spring took its time to get here this year but it is SO nice. enjoy your autumn - it's one of my favorite seasons!!


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