April 3, 2013

our easter.

easter came and went and short of buying some glittery shoes and glittery egg dye (because our little one has rightfully deemed herself princess), we kept it all simple. her dress was something she already had, pictures were last minute 'lets run outside before it rains and the sun completely goes away' and lunch was the only thing i put a ton of effort in.

the strawberry cake is my sisters famous recipe. it was a trial run for m's birthday this weekend. the girls in my family love to bake but we all have different styles & my sister's style is to wing it. the cake turned out to be so good that it kind of took on a life all it's own and was half gone by the morning. and by the end of easter, only crumbs were left.

eggs were dyed, chocolate was eaten, baskets were given, the rain held off all day and all things were good.

i hope you had a happy easter too! we're settling into potty training routines, tackling dishes and laundry and planning a zoo trip this week. how about you?


  1. That strawberry cake had me drooling via your instagram pics! Miss Lia bella is just getting SO big, minute by minute! Looks like you all had a wonderful Easter. xx

    1. thank you!! <3 i am SO blessed that lia is happy and healthy and growing but my heart still aches every time i see her looking just a bit more grown up than before.

  2. Prettiest little darling girl ever. And that cake!!! My mouth is watering!!!
    Xx Katrina



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