April 26, 2013

new look, new name.

my girl is leaving for her grandparents house later today so i've got laundry and packing to tackle this morning.
but i wanted to pop in and let you all know that i am changing up the blog a little. i wanted to go with something a little less used, a fresh new look and i wanted it to be something that represented the things that i write about. 

the everyday is what i write about. sometimes i post a recipe we love or a funny clip i came across. i'll post about things around the web that i am loving. i write about what inspires me. but mostly, i write about our daily life. the comings and goings of my little family. because this blog is for me. and its for them. and i want to look back and remember the little details of our life together. 

so the blog will now be called the everyday. same url, different name. 

i hope you'll keep on keepin' on with us! 

and since google friend connect is on it's way out, you can find us on bloglovin'.

stay tuned for some fresh new content, DIYs and more pictures of my terribly cute kiddo.

ps. the picture was taken at pearl harbor in march. and i promise to blog more about our hawaii trip soon!


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