April 27, 2013


as the sun was setting over a cheesy tourist spot nestled between our state and the next, we dropped L off with my mom and sister. she was more than excited to go to grandma's house and as much as i miss her already, i am excited for a little down time.
this parenting bit is strange at times. i am looking forward to some true me-time. i am excited about the fact that i'll have long stretches of time to edit photos and work on all the changes i want for the blog. i've got plans of finding all of our local thrift shops and maybe heading down to the beach one evening with M. but while i am happy about the possibilities this week holds, i'm still craving my girl. i found the tears hitting my pillow the night before last. does letting her go ever hurt less? it's just a week, this time. but one day, i have to let her go and find her way. will it ever get easier?
so little girl, live your heart out at grandma's house. run around with the dogs, play in the dirt. go shopping with your aunts and let them spoil you beyond belief. soak up all the attention and love. and when you are done, i'll be waiting for you. hopefully a bit more patient and refreshed, but i'll always be here for you.

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