April 8, 2013


hello fresh new week. let's do some hello's instead of a weekending post, inspired by this blog. photos were taken over the weekend on our day trip to the zoo.

hello fever that finally broke! lia got sick over the weekend but thankfully she's back to dragging toys everywhere and being bossy this morning.

hello potty training that is still going strong. we've had lots of successes and very few accidents! but i'll post more about that later this week.

hello house that needs to be picked up. after a trip to the zoo and a sick babe, things got a little messy.

hello neato robot. waking up to clean floors makes me swoon.

hello handsome husband who celebrated a birthday this weekend. i didn't get a chance to make his birthday dinner or a cake but i'll make up for it today!

hello grocery list that needs to be made. we're stocked up on some meats but we've got nothing to make meals with them.

hello tired body and achy shoulder. lia slept in our bed all weekend and this mama never sleeps good when we're sharing the bed with her. i think some cuddles on the sofa are a must today.

hello spring! the weather is warming up, the sun is shining, we stocked up at home depot this weekend and we're ready to learn a little something about sprucing up our lawn. a little cilantro plant even made it's way home with us!

hello to all the happy things waiting for us this week!

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