April 5, 2013


i'm finding a few moments in my day to blog while L works on an art project. i am trying to find a balance between doing everything i feel i should be doing as a wife and a mom while still finding the elusive me-time and doing things i love.

feeling: pretty successful the past couple days. my girl who was SO difficult on the potty-front a few weeks ago is finally ready for this big-girl status. it took us both awhile to figure out how to approach the issue and we did a lot of wrong things first but my girl has been wearing big-girl undies and asking to use the potty with almost no accidents since tuesday afternoon. and oddly, she's started calling me ma'am too..

watching: lately i have been craving life to feel the way it did last year. i am crazy, this i know. but i think with a new year and a new dog and a new house, i'm just feeling a little lost. i crave comfort. what i know that i love and what i know makes me happy and feel good. during nap time or after L is in bed, i'll watch reruns of one tree hill. it's good for the soul.

reading: a homemade life. honestly? the recipes in the book aren't anything i am dying to try out but i am eating up the stories behind the recipes. this, this and this are next on my list.

thinking about: lots of projects! things to do around the house and how to spruce up the yard. also: i think i want to write a children's book. i have a love affair with classic children's books and i've got some piece of some story floating around in my head. but could i really be an author?

eating: i finally did some kind of grocery shopping so i've been cooking a bit lately. there's been an easter ham, homemade strawberry cake, pepper steak with arroz con gandules and of course things like pb sammies and cheese sandwiches which is just about all Lia will eat.

looking forward to: a quick trip to florida for the zoo this weekend. and making my guy a strawberry cake for his birthday on sunday.

making me happy: the neato vacuum, teeny little minnie mouse undies in the wash, fresh strawberries, Manny, a clean house, the sun finally peeking out and adirondack chairs on the back patio.

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    1. i LOVE them. i think it's strawberry season here in the south so hopefully we'll be able to pick our own soon :)


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