April 12, 2013


we ate breakfast on the porch this morning, me and my girl. eggs, turkey sausage and fresh air. M and i have been trying to learn about tending to our yard and how to plant things and dreaming of a garden. it's been making me crave nature. i think starting the day outside instead of cooped up in our house is a good start to any day.

and the rest of today was full of laundry and cleaning up and taking a little girl to the potty a lot. she's really getting the hang of it, except for the #2 part.

some happy moments from our day:
baking minnie mouse cookies.
no potty accidents!
the handsome husband coming home from work just a little early.
it's friday, yay!
the shortest rain shower. just enough to water the grass.
finding time to read a few pages from this book.
and picking up some new plants for the front porch.

i think this weekend will be quiet and low-key. we need to finish cleaning the garage and stain & put together the adirondack chairs. and i am hoping for a quiet movie night in with my love.

happy weekending!


  1. I'd love to have a porch to have breakfast too!!
    Also, I thought my girl was crazy, she learn to pee on the potty really fast but ir took me whole three weeks to teach her #2 :/
    I washed no less that 80 dirty panties during that time hahaha horror!!


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