March 19, 2013

this is where we are.

spring is almost here. it seems like it's been colder here than usual, but the weather is warming up and the sun is shining. today, at least.

it took me most of last year to learn to love where we are and to appreciate the town we live in. i still miss snowy mornings and i am sure to curse the too-hot temps when summer hits, but i'm finally content. this is where we are. 

i am trying to soak up all of the good i can find here. i've had the windows open all week and wearing a tank top and sandals today felt like i had a part of hawaii with me. 

i fell hard for hawaii. the lifestyle. the culture. the turquoise oceans with sandy beaches. shaved ice. funky little shops spread out. the aloha spirit. the bright yellow hibiscus flowers. pineapples. the way the air smelled. the foggy mountains. the feeling of adventure.

it was just what i needed. i came back with a more positive outlook on everything in my life. minus the plane rides. those were not cheery at all. but i feel more alive and happy. it was heartbreaking to leave there. we left behind some amazing friends and that place just crawls into your heart and makes you want to stay. so i tucked a part away, a part that i can carry with me everywhere. i never want to forget hawaii. 

our skins are a little darker, our hearts a bit fuller, our outlook cheerier. we've unpacked and put away, i've tackled laundry and cleaning and we're back to our daily routine. i'm finding more moments to sneak in blogging and i've got a stack of books to devour. my mind is running a million miles per hour with all the things i need to do and want to do and plans to fill up our spring with even more happy moments.

this is where we are. this is where we are.

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